Are you keen to help families build their children’s mental health? Would you like to be involved in leading-edge research which will help the NHS? If so, will you join us?

Please note: the opportunity to test the initial prototype of Headway® has now closed to new entrants (thank you so much to all those families who joined us in this). However, there will be more opportunities in the future so…

If you think you might be interested in opportunities in the future, please use the form below. By submitting this form you are not committing yourself, just letting us know that you might be interested in future opportunities. When such opportunities arise in the future, we will then contact you with more details so you can then decide if you’d like to join us on that project.

N.B. This opportunity is only available for families living in the United Kingdom.

Find out more about Headway

To find out more about how Headway® can help children to build mentally healthy lives, including what is available now and our plans for future development, go to