Imagine a whole generation knowing how to spot the signs of eating disorders, and how to help.

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“I hid the early signs from my parents, but my friends would have noticed if only they had known what to look out for, and how to help me.”
Dr Elizabeth McNaught (Lizzie)

We have created this ABCDE memory tool so people can help their friends.

And, working together with pupils of The Romsey School, we have created these school lessons, based around their short film called ‘Connection’ – made by young people for young people.

“This provides simple, clear guidance to help identify early signs of an eating disorder. This is very important because detecting an eating disorder allows for early intervention and the best chance of a full recovery.” Dr Karina Allen, Maudsley Hospital London

School Lessons

These are media-rich fast-paced lessons geared for pupils who can be motivated to engage with the issues. Alternatively we offer ‘build your own lessons‘ resources for teachers who wish to adapt the lessons for their particular cohort of pupils.

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Teacher’s Guide

This downloadable Teacher’s Guide contains, all in one document:

  • background briefing on eating disorders.
  • detailed lesson plans for two core lessons or one cut-down lesson, utilising the PowerPoint (see below).
  • short ‘Teacher’s Tips’ contextualised within the lessons.
  • worksheets.
  • ideas for a creative extension lesson.
  • signposting for further help.


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This downloadable PowerPoint contains, all in one file:

  • slides for the two core lessons or one cut-down lesson.
  • embedded videos which play within the slides of the PowerPoint (preview these videos in the ‘build your own lessons’ section below).

Technical information. This is a 380Mb PowerPoint ppsx file with mp4 videos embedded (your school’s technical department will be able to ensure it works on your school system, whatever it is).

Build Your Own Lessons

Qualified teachers in bona-fide educational establishments in the UK who find that the media-rich fast-paced lessons above are not suitable for their particular pupils, are invited to use the following elements to build their own lessons, as long as they follow these three stipulations:

  • You must follow the Beat media guidelines, particularly in regard to avoiding any references to weight (BMI) or inclusion of any images of emaciated body parts.
  • You must ONLY use what you create within your own bona-fide educational establishment in the UK.
  • You may not republish what you create in any form whatsoever, without prior approval in writing from Family Mental Wealth.

Download this file containing the worksheets and an editable version of the PowerPoint:

Right-click and ‘save as’ this zip file (373 Mb)

Download and use these videos (click on the three dots at the bottom right of the video):

A Doctor’s Story

Anorexia Nervosa / Bulimia Nervosa / Binge Eating Disorder (used separately in the lesson plans)

A Doctor’s Vision

Connection (a film made with students of The Romsey School)

Signs of Anorexia Nervosa

Signs of Bulimia Nervosa

Signs of Binge Eating Disorder


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