For families

Try out the FREE PREVIEW of our Parent/Carer toolkit with over 100 short videos to help you build the mental health of your children.

Our mission, at Family Mental Wealth, is to enable families to help their children build mentally healthy lives, reducing the risk of mental ill-health.

In this video extract, from our Parent/Carer Toolkit, Dr Elizabeth NcNaught and Nick Pollard, co-founders of Family Mental Wealth, describe how mental ill-health can develop, and how families can help at three key stages: turning risk into resilience, spotting the signs, and crafting the care:

To help families, we are also developing Headway®, a suite of digital tools to help children and young people, supported by their parents/carers, to build mentally healthy lives.

We also help families indirectly through our resources for schoolscompanies and health professionals.