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RtoR brochure 4 graphicOur From Risk to Resilience presentations help prevent the  impact of eating disorders on young people’s life and education, with underlying principles that apply to a wide range of mental health issues.

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We provide up to three one-hour presentations on the same day, tailored for teachers, students or parents (but not a mixed group). These are presented by Dr Elizabeth McNaught and her father Nick Pollard.

Dr Elizabeth McNaught MBBS is a hospital doctor with lived experience of eating disorders, having nearly died from anorexia at the age of 14. Since qualifying as a doctor she has written the best-selling book Life Hurts: a doctor’s personal journey through anorexia.

Nick Pollard BSc(Psych), MBPsS, FRSA is Dr McNaught’s father. Despite his own knowledge of psychology, he initially struggled as a father to recognise and respond appropriately to his own daughter’s illness. He now speaks and broadcasts about the personal as well as professional insights he gained which became instrumental in her recovery.

‘Dr Elizabeth McNaught and Nick Pollard are both inspirational speakers who are able to articulate a very personal and powerful account of a young woman’s journey towards overcoming anorexia, and the extent to which her family understanding and support was crucial to her recovery. They give clear, simple guidance to enable parents and teachers to listen and advise with confidence. I recommend them highly.’
Brenda McDonald, Director of Sixth Form, Kingston Grammar School.

‘The presentation by Dr Elizabeth McNaught and Nick Pollard was packed full of important and detailed information but in a way that made it very accessible. This information was further illustrated by powerful personal stories. Nick’s perspective as a father was particularly poignant and insightful. Both staff and pupils found the presentation genuinely inspirational and educative. I recommend them highly.’
Lisa Greatwood, Head of PSHE, Rugby School.

Attendees will:

  • Be inspired to see that the devastating impact of mental health issues, such as eating disorders, can be averted by the appropriate knowledge and response of teachers, fellow students or parents
  • Gain insight into a range of eating disorders, and their impact upon the person’s life and education, in the context of other mental health issues
  • Build knowledge to help identify the most common biological, psychological and sociocultural risk factors for the development of an eating disorder, with parallels to other mental health issues
  • Build skills to help students turn those risk factors into resilience
  • Secure an ability to spot the most common signs of an emerging eating disorder, and related mental health issues, and build skills in responding appropriately
  • Be guided through a detailed handbook which delegates will take away to continue developing their knowledge and insight

Download brochure and contact Dragonfly Training to book.

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