Teachers and other pastoral staff work hard to support students who are at risk of developing, or are already experiencing, mental ill-health. We provide resources that can help.

Speakers for schools

Our school speakers provide live (in-person or online) multi-media presentations featuring video contributions from Dr Joshua Harwood, Dr Elizabeth McNaught, and Dr Faith Orchard. We offer a range of presentations to help schools build the mental health and wellbeing of students and their families… From Risk to Resilience (addressing anxiety, depression and eating disorders; suitable for students Year 9 upwards, teachers, other pastoral staff, or parents/carers), From Risk to Resilience: Eating Disorders (a special version focussed specifically on Eating Disorders), and From Resilience to Recovery (helping teachers, other pastoral staff, and parents/carers to support a person who is living through a period of mental ill-health).

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Spot the Signs of Eating Disorders

Our FREE CPD-certified eLearning for teachers and other pastoral staff, helps to develop skills in identifying the early signs of eating disorders, and equips teachers to use the accompanying FREE downloadable classroom/tutorial resources. These feature Dr Elizabeth McNaught MBBS DRCOG, an NHS doctor who herself was very ill with Anorexia Nervosa in her teenage years. She is co-author of the Oxford Specialist Handbook on Eating Disorders (Oxford University Press) so she has considerable professional expertise as well as personal experience.

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