Seminars and Keynotes

Beginning with his personal, inspirational, story of supporting his own daughter (Dr Elizabeth McNaught) through mental ill-health in her teenage years, and drawing upon evidence-based insights from academic/clinical experts, Nick Pollard will help your staff explore how to build the mental health and wellbeing of their children. This can save considerable costs that would otherwise result from the impact of a child’s mental ill-health upon their parents’ working lives.

Nick includes video contributions from Dr Elizabeth McNaught (his daughter), Dr Joshua Harwood, and Dr Faith Orchard. These are drawn from our government-funded Headway: Parent Toolkit which was developed in collaboration with the South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust.

These seminars and keynotes can be provided in-person or online, and normally last for 45 minutes followed by a question/answer session, but timing can be adjusted to suit.


Nick Pollard BSc (Psych) MBPsS FRSA has personal as well as professional knowledge of children’s mental ill-health. He is a director of Family Mental Wealth and co-author of The Oxford Specialist Handbook on Eating Disorders.

Dr Joshua Harwood, Dr Elizabeth McNaught, and Dr Faith Orchard provide very practical, insightful, and evidence-based contributions on video.

N.B. These multi-media presentations will be tailored specifically to the needs of the attendees, using language and style that is appropriate for them. They can be shaped for any type of attendee, from shop-floor workers to board members.

We provide two different presentations:

  • From Risk to Resilience
    Set in the context of his own daughter’s real-life inspirational story of recovery from teenage mental ill-health, Nick will explore how we might help our children to build mentally healthy lives, avoiding the development of anxiety, depression or eating disorders. He explores how we might help them to develop protective factors which will reduce the impact of three of the most common risk factors for mental ill-health in children and young people:
    • Body Dissatisfaction. A psychological state characterised by the negative subjective evaluation of one’s own body (e.g. size, shape, muscularity) with a strong motivation to fit a perceived ideal.
    • Negative Emotionality. A personality trait characterised by a tendency to interpret experiences in a way that produces negative emotions such as sadness, anxiety, fear and anger.
    • Perfectionism. A personality trait characterised by setting oneself unrealistically high standards, and engaging in harsh, negative, self-evaluation with a strong motivation to avoid failure.
  • From Resilience to Recovery
    Following on from the content of From Risk to Resilience, Nick will explore three very practical key skills drawn from the ‘New Maudsley Method for Skills-based Caring’. This evidence-based approach, developed at King’s College and the South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, can help us to support a child who is living through a period of mental ill-health:
    • ‘Be curious not furious’. This key skill enables us to facilitate positive conversations in which our child can tell their story, express their experience, and gain insight into their thoughts, feelings, and mental health.
    • ‘Be the anchor not the captain’. This key skill enables us to support our child positively, even when they are very resistant to change, or indeed in denial about their mental ill-health.
    • ‘Be a believer and a cheerleader’. This key skill enables us to develop the self-efficacy of our child, by building their confidence in their ability to overcome obstacles on their journey towards a mentally healthy life.

Costs (excl VAT)

  • In-person events £750 plus travel
  • Online events £250

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