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We are developing a series of resources for health professionals to help in the recognition and management of anxiety, depression and eating disorders.

The resources covering eating disorders are AVAILABLE NOW.

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This CPD-certified eLearning provides vital knowledge and skills for all healthcare professionals and allied health professionals who might come across eating disorders in their day-to-day clinical work.

In five-minute bite-sized learning units so you can dip in and out at times that suit you.

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We also provide one-hour multi-media presentations including Q&A, in-person or online, drawing upon content from the eLearning, and featuring videos of Prof Janet Treasure and Dr Elizabeth McNaught. Our presenters will teach key knowledge and skills, and facilitate reflective learning and application.

Attendees may then access the full eLearning which, on completion, will also enable them to obtain a personalised CPD certificate accredited by the CPD Certification Service.

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Costs for the one-hour multi-media presentation (covering our accredited presenter speaking at your training event, using our multi-media presentation, featuring videos of Prof Janet Treasure and Dr Elizabeth McNaught, and including Q&A): Online – £350, In-person – £950 plus travel.

Because Q&A are an important part of these presentations, we recommend a maximum of 50 attendees at such training events.

We can also provide customised presentations for specific purposes… email us at to discuss your needs.

All costs are subject to VAT if applicable. The presentations in these training events are copyright © 2022 Family Mental Wealth Ltd, and contain copyrighted material from Oxford University Press (used under licence). No recordings can be made without prior approval.

Get the accompanying textbook

Written by Janet Treasure BSc (Physiol) PhD MBBS FRCP FRCPsych, Elizabeth McNaught MBBS DRCOG, and Nick Pollard BSc (Psych) MBPsS FRSA, the Oxford Specialist Handbook on Eating Disorders is a one-stop-shop reference book.

It covers the aetiology, epidemiology, risk factors, diagnostic criteria, management and treatment for: anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, ARFID, pica, rumination disorder, OSFED, and a number of emerging eating disorder diagnoses. It also covers common comorbidities, ethical and legal aspects, and acute emergency care (including the new guidelines on managing emergencies in eating disorders – MEED – from the Royal College of Psychiatrists).

Each chapter contains case stories drawn from real-life examples and culminates in a summary of the key need-to-know facts.

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