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Autumn 2022: New Headway tools are ready

Our team have now completed creation of the initial prototype of the forthcoming Headway app, with four really useful tools to help children and young people build their mental health.

These are produced ‘by families for families’ drawing upon the best evidence-based information from clinical experts.

Now we are ready for more families to try out these tools.

If you would like to be one of those families (or to be part of the teams creating more resources to help families build their mental health) please go to:

Summer 2022: The Headway Parent Toolkit is now live

After 3 years’ work, with wonderful collaborators and part-funded by the Digital Health Technology Catalyst Fund, we have launched the Headway: Parent Toolkit.

Already, we are getting wonderful feedback from families who are finding it really helpful, including:

  • ‘A lot of highly researched information but so practically supportive’
  • ‘Easy to access, bitesize videos are brilliant’
  • ‘I loved the fact that it came from families and young people who have lived experience, with input from professionals’
  • ‘It never spoke down to, or blamed, the parents, it felt warm with no jargon’.

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