Plug-in mental health tools for your website

Self-driven healthcare can be very effective for mental ill-health. So, many organisations are seeking to add mental health tools to their existing websites for children and young people. However, creating effective evidence-based digital tools for self-driven mental healthcare requires substantial foundational research to understand the best evidence-based interventions; significant ‘Patient and Public Involvement’ to ensure that the digital tools are truly acceptable and ‘sticky’ for sustained use; and extensive design and technical competencies to develop and maintain the digital tools.

This is a challenge for many organisations who genuinely want to help children and young people build their mental health, but for whom such research, ‘Patient and Public Involvement’, design, and technical development/maintenance is outside of their core competencies.

We can solve that problem with our new evidence-based plug-in digital tools. These have been funded by the National Institute for Health and Care Research, and Innovate UK. They draw upon solid foundational research conducted for us by the School of Psychology at the University of Sussex, and have been conceptualised through substantial ‘Patient and Public Involvement’ with a range of children and their families. They are designed/developed/maintained for us by the highly competent technical team at 3 Sided Cube.

These plug-ins will be available for organisations to license onto their existing websites, and our technical team can help throughout the entire onboarding process.

A brief summary of the evidence-based psychology which these plug-ins draw upon

    To express interest in these plug-in mental health tools for your website please email Kate Laver, our Member Care Manager, at telling her about your organisation, your reach amongst young people, and how you would like to use these plug-ins to serve them as they build their mental health. Kate will then ensure that you get early access to the showcase of these mental health tools for you to try them out for yourselves (expected to be available from February 2023).