Family Mental Wealth is committed to ensuring full accessibility as much as possible.

If you find any accessibility problems on this website or in any of the resources which we provide, please contact us via email at

The Headway Prototype

The following applies to the Headway Prototype which we have produced for initial user testing (see

This prototype is provided by  on behalf of Family Mental Wealth.

We want as many people as possible to be able to use this resource and therefore have considered accessibility throughout the development.

In particular, we have focused in areas of:

  • Colour contrast (difference in perceived luminance between two colours)
  • Hover states
  • Buttons
  • Touch targets
  • Text size
  • Video captions

This means:

  • The colours used throughout the design process all adhere to the WCAG AA and WCAG AAA standards of colour contrast with Web AIM (web accessibility in mind). Where Family Mental Wealth’s core colours have been incorporated into the Headway Prototype, accessibility was considered throughout to ensure it remains accessible and readable.
  • Users are able to see if a button can be activated with a changed hover state.
  • Users know when to enter text as the hover state will change accordingly.
  • Tested touch targets are the correct size and users can easily progress through the Headway Prototype.
  • Users are able to select captions to show on videos.
  • Headway Prototype text is as simple and understandable as possible.

Known accessibility issues:

We are aware of the following issues in this prototype:

  • Images do not have descriptions.
  • Users cannot modify the line height or spacing of text.
  • It is difficult to navigate using just a keyboard.
  • It is difficult to navigate using speech recognition software.

This is an initial prototype being delivered on the web for user testing, and these issues will be addressed when developing the final app version.

Reporting accessibility problems

As we move on to develop the full app version of Headway we plan to ensure full accessibility. If you find any problems we have not listed on this page please contact us via email at